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This community is not like many other communites. We pride ourselves on being the best of the best, all around. The application will be weighed as heavily as your pictures. If you don't have pictures, don't bother-- this IS a rating community.
Your Mod: razorbladevixen

This Weeks Contest: The lovely girlie to add the most new members (doesnt matter if they get rejected) to the comm gets to be a co-mod. Contest ends : Nov. 07

This weeks task: Everyone MUST bring in one person. And promote in ONE comm, not a standard promo comm also...

1. Please No voting if you aren't stamped.
2. We want 3 clear face pictures, then you may post more of whatever you wish.
3. If you get rejected please don't bitch at the people that said no.
4. When posting a pic do an LJ-cut.. if you need help on how ask someone how.. or IM me on mistressxkandi (yahoo) or manicpanickandi (aim).
6. We also have a application form for you to fill out. Be honest and don't try to impress the mods, just say what you would naturally to the questions.
7. Also after you have been accepted please link this community to your user info so others can become members too. Thanks!
8. PROMOTE!!! (This community, not others... unless behind an LJ cut)
9. When applying: Change your title to "My Seduction" to tell everyone of your application!
10. Members: either bold or put your vote in the title!
11. If you do not stay active, we will turn your picture into a rejected stamp!!!

After you've been stamped you may post more pictures of yourself and vote on others in the community who are trying out! Have fun!

You have 2 days from joining to finish the application!

* Make sure to change your title to My Seduction~ *
What is your name? -
Do you have any special type of nickname? -
Where do you live? -
If you could travel anywhere world wide where would you go?
What is your age? -
What is your race? -
Are you in a relationship? -
Sexuality? -

What do you do for fun? -
What are your top five bands? -
Favorite book(s)? -
What have you accomplished in your life? -
What would you like to accomplish? -
Do you have any idols/influences?
*If so, who and why? -
How tall are you? -
What is your favorite color? -
In 5 words or less, descrive what kind of person you are. -
Your style of dress? -
Your proudest moment? -
Where did you find this community? -
Why you should be let in? -
Why do you want to be apart of this community?-

-+Not necessary, but they will sway votes majorly!+-

Promote at least to one of your friends (prove it!)-
Promote in at least 1 community (prove it!)-

-+At least 3 Pictures+-

-=- Who Invited you? -=-